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Haldia Brajalalchak Welfare Organization FROM THE DESK OF SECRETARY

We, on behalf of Haldia Brajalalchak Welfare Organization, take the pleasure to say that we have implemented a lot of rural development programs which have delivered to poor and neglected people of the society. We conduct different training programs, organize seminar, national or international conference, workshop etc. through out the year. The surplus amount of the registration fee collected from the participants of the programs and the annual membership fees collected from the members,  are utilized in different other social activities. At this stage we are not accepting any donation.

We play a pivotal role in the various issues of development in the community, starting with merely a work of income generating activities for women, in the year. We have now been able to establish its strong existence in the field of physical & mental up bringing of people thus to create an enabling environment to live healthy, strong & positive lives. The integrated approach with various projects of us has been able to create an environment leading towards better condition of people.

Our greatest strength is the continued support from multiple sources in the form of technical guidance, training support in the form of free resource persons, free event space and free stationary supply from various agencies. On the other hand the continued encouragement and support of the people from the community are also a great of inspiration for bringing success of our work.

I sincerely thank of our well-wishers, facilitators and the people of the community. I am thankful to the members of our Governing Body, who always guided me with their valued suggestions and recommendations. I also extend my heartfelt gratitude to all my colleagues at different corners of the state, because of their strong will and sincere interventions, selfless love and commitment to the society.

Mrs. Tanusree Jana

Secretary, Haldia Brajalalchak WelfareOrganization

An Introduction

Haldia Brajalalchak Welfare Organization AN INTRODUCTION

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